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Welcome to The Learning Rheum! If you're on this page, chances are you want to search for a preceptor in rheumatology -- that's a good idea. First, you must enroll as a student (it's easy)!

Here are the steps to successfully complete your student enrollment:

  1. Make selections for each of the options below to enter your experience. Please note that some fields are required for student enrollment. The more information you provide, the easier it will be to find the best match.

  2. Click the blue "Save" button.
  3. In addition to enrolling as a student, make sure your student profile is complete so that potential preceptors can learn more about you. Be sure to add a photo, include information in your bio, and share details of your experience.
  4. Once your invitation is accepted you can finalize the details of your clinical rotation with your new preceptor! You will be responsible for coordinating together all logistics and agreements according to the specific requirements of the student's school and/or preceptor location. 
  5. PLEASE NOTE: Your rotation is not confirmed until you complete the vetting process with the preceptor site.
A Note to Clinical Coordinators

Clinical Coordinators are encouraged to register on the site. During registration, they should select the Role designation of Clinical Coordinator. Clinical coordinators will be able to search the available preceptors according to criteria that are important to the program in preparation for a counseling session with a student. Please see the FAQ for more info.

What's Next

Once you have saved your information you will appear in the preceptor directory searches and preceptors will be able to find you and request a relationship/rotation.

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